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There is something about a tan that makes us feel good, really good! For some its about looking healthier, our clothes look better (no tights!!) and of course there is the slimming factor we actually look a few pounds lighter – a nice wee bonus! That is why I have chosen WhitetoBrown as the spray tan for Tannorah. With it’s lovely scent (if it was a perfume, I would buy it), but more because it can provide the Tannorah Client  with the natural even glow, perfect for the glamorous glow getter.

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So bring a little colour into your life, it doesn’t take long, 30 minutes, to go from pale to golden and feeling gorgeous, quite often when you have a tan you will feel as if your wardrobe and hair, have had a make over too!


Tanning InvernessWHITE to BROWN is a true British brand, manufactured and created with love in the UK. So enjoy an unparalleled experience every time you tan, step out with confidence, and show off your natural colour tone.

WHITE to BROWN’s inspiration grew from a simple truth: you want a top quality range of self-tanning options that aren’t just for a special occasion. They’re there for whenever you feel like, as part of your everyday style.

Our self-tanning products complement every skin tone and skin type, enhancing your natural glow at any occasion, day or night.

The utmost care has gone into every product we create. As part of this continuous journey we have carefully chosen a selection of effective tanning and skin care ingredients.

Mission – To ensure that everyone can have the most natural looking possible by offering different shades and depths of colour to suit individual skin tones.

So Remember

  • Please note your spray tan guide colour can be washed anytime after the 7 hour development.
  • Hair removal and exfoliation must be carried out 24 hours before treatment not on the day.
  • No sunburn before treatment.
  • Skin should be free from oils, moisturisers, make-up perfumes and deodorants.
  • Hair tied up and away from face.
  • Appropriate clothing, it’s the heart of the Highlands. It might have been sunny coming in, but it could be raining by the time you come out.
  • Please advise of any medical problems such as allergies, operations or un-healed wounds prior to your visit.

Using professional spray tan equipment to achieve the WhitetoBrown golden bronzed glow that will last a week, ensuring quick even coverage. An extractor fan ensures that any surplus spray is drawn away through a filter so that you won’t be breathing it in and assists in the drying time of the tan, enabling you to dress as soon as your treatment is over.

Tannorah Girls want to reach a level of Beauty Maintenance where they look glamorous all the time – effortlessly, this is a very easy way to achieve that.

Following a short consultation discussing what it is you would to achieve and with WhitetoBrown tanning solutions to suit all skin tones, we will achieve the perfect result for you.

Premier Brand
Caramel, golden hue with a lovely scent
Range of shades from light to deep
Rapid Tan available – Guide colour can be washed off in 1 hour (a favourite of cheerleaders)
Small salon providing one to one consultation and treatment beginning to end.
Located 2 miles from City Centre in Culduthel Park with off street parking providing a discrete location with only a few steps from car to salon
Guide colour washes off after
Tannorah aims to bring you an enjoyable friendly salon experience every visit so that you will feel you are a true Tannorah Girl
Your treatment will always be discussed with you and how you want to proceed – sometimes we want to Glow a bit more than others!
The WhitetoBrown extraction unit means you can dress comfortably soon after your tan is applied.
Tannorah’s Salon rooms are maintained daily to provide a safe, clean, hygienic environment for the client

Sunless tanning achieves tanned skin of any shade without the use of harmful sun-beds. There are lots of people still using sun-beds, but some users are unaware that skin cancer cases in Scotland have increased by more than 30% in the past decade. The NHS states that to cut your chances of getting melanoma, you should reduce your exposure to the sun and sun-beds.

Not all products used in salons have skin nourishing ingredient. WhitetoBrown has no harmful parabens which make the skin dry and results in a patchy tan that fades badly.

A golden caramel glow hides imperfections such as cellulite and bruises. It also contours the face and body giving the illusion of a more toned, slimmer body as well as making your eyes and teeth appearing a lot brighter too.

Inverness girls love their tans, so before we start we will discuss what look you want to achieve from your bronzing session. If you are in any doubt it will be better to choose the lighter option rather than darker if you are unsure about what colour to choose.

If you have fair skin, light and medium shades are best. If you have olive skin, light medium or dark are all good options.

If you are planning to have a tan applied before your wedding, it is highly recommended that you book a trial tan session, but make sure to only use light or medium shades.

Tannorah advises that the shade which is suitable for you will be based on your skin tone and the event you are attending. For example, when it comes to tanning for weddings and holidays, and other day time events, light to medium shades are best if you aren’t used to deep tanning.

Darker shades are more appropriate for people who are used to dark shades or if they are a stage entertainer or are going to a night time event.

You can wash the guide colour after one hour.

You will get more tanned as the hours pass and it will fully develop quickly.

It is the latest spray tanning technology. Rapid spray tans where introduced for clients who don’t have time to wait the full 7 hours development of normal spray tans. This could be beneficial for a client who can’t make it to a beauty salon due to work commitments, children to care for or even that last minute invite!

You can wash this tan off on the same day
You will get more tanned as the hours pass and will be developed as the hours pass
It’s best to get this type of tan as early on as possible if you are going out on the same night, if not, you can get it done any time
It is our premier range WhitetoBrown
It may seem lighter when you initially wash the guide colour off but you will get darker as time goes on

Eek, you have been invited on a last minute night out! By getting a spray tan in the morning, you will be going out with a glow come evening = problem solved! It’s also appropriate for clients who are going to work or on holiday early morning and want to wash it off on the same day.

DHA is the primary ingredient in spray tanning solutions. It derives from organic plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar canes and this is what reacts with the amino acids in the skin turning them brown. The express 1 hour solution has a very high amount of DHA, meaning they turn the surface layer of the skin brown in just one hour, getting darker as time goes on.

So what to expect from your Tannorah appointment? Firstly, you will be shown to the tanning room where after a short consultation about which shade will be used you will be left to undress and put on the provided protection for your feet and hair.

The correct positions to hold your body in, during the process (so that the tan hits every area of your body), will be explained to you before and during. You will then stand in the area for a few minutes after the tan and you will be dry enough to put your clothes back on comfortably without feeling sticky!

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, whether that be with pants or bra on or off. Some feel more comfortable with shorts on or a bikini, which is completely fine. Dark coloured clothing is recommended. If you don’t like the thought of tan lines, thongs are recommended. Disposable briefs are supplied.

Spray tans are great, there is no doubt about it. Your spray tan will look great and last longer if you follow these preparation steps:

1. Keep your skin clear of oils, moisturisers, perfumes, make-up or anything else that may create a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution. If you don’t, you could be left with green patches (which would wash off the next day with the colour guide) or the solution won’t take on your skin as well as it should be, resulting in a uneven, lighter tan.
2. Absolutely NO leggings or skinny jeans to be worn after your treatment as this will cause a seam line. Bring dark, loose clothing that covers your entire body particularly if it is likely to rain. For you feet, a pair of loosened trainers worn with fluffy pyjama socks are a good idea as tight socks tend to rub off the tan.
3. Don’t run for it – bring a jacket with hood or umbrella! Parking is right at the door, but you don’t need to be out long in the Highlands to get soaked! Remember, if your guide colour gets washed away or rubbed off before the solution has the chance to penetrate you will have a patchy, streaky tan!
4. Exfoliate, exfoliate! Do we need to say more? Yes, prepare your skin as it’s so important. Removing the dead skin cells by exfoliating the day before your tan is applied will ensure that the solution lies on a new layer of skin. The surface layer of skin renews itself every 2-4 weeks which means you don’t want your spray tan sitting on skin which is about to renew itself.
5. All hair removal should be done 24 hours beforehand, so no waxing, shaving, epilating or threading for 24 hours before you have you spray tan.
6. You can wear whatever you want during your treatment. Some people wear pants with no bra, and some people wear a swimsuit, some are happy in the disposable pants supplied. It’s entirely up to you and we want you to feel comfortable and at ease whilst getting your glow on.
7. Don’t feel shy! Please remember at Tannorah it’s all about making you feel good and are too busy concentrating on giving you the best even glow possible!

Please follow the preparation tips as much as possible to get the best from your tanning experience with Tannorah. Don’t let clingy clothes and bad weather ruin your spray tan. It’s important to wear a loose protective post-tan outfit so lets just go over that again.

Tight jeans
Clothes with tight jeans
Bra or bra with straps
Strappy top
Flip flops

Long sleeved dark, loose t-shirt or jumper that’s loose in the sleeves
Slightly baggy trousers or tracksuit bottom that covers your legs entirely (adjustable tie preferred)
Trainers or plimsolls with laces that can be loosened
Waterproof, long sleeved coat with hood or umbrella
If you have pyjamas that meets all the criteria, that’s entirely up to you!

A loose, long sleeved top is essential after a spray tan so that the tan doesn’t rub off easily if the top is too tight on your body. Strappy tops create strap marks before you’ve even left the room if you are struggling to get your top on. Loose wristed sleeves are good so no lines are created at the wrist. It’s also best to tuck your top into your trousers rubbing against your skin as you walk.

Jeans, tights, and leggings are an absolute no no when it comes to tanning. Leggings might seem stretchy and feel comfortable but it’s actually the seam of the legging that can cause a problem. Jeans and leggings always have a seam down the inner and outer thigh which makes the tan gather and become darker. This results in a darker brown line all the way down the thighs which isn’t really the best look!

Tights are the lesser of those two tanning evils, but they will still cling to your skin which may rub off tan, causing your legs to be slightly lighter than the rest of your body.

Slightly baggy work trousers, tracksuit bottoms or harem pants are ideal to bring along to your appointment, especially ones with adjustable ties. It’s important they are full length and cover your legs from the rain or puddle splashes.

Remember that line from the song “always take the weather with you”? Well, in this case, it means in Scotland be prepared for rain, protect your tan, so think jacket, hood or umbrella.

Boots can be great for avoiding the puddles but they can rub round the ankles. Pumps can rub round your feet and leave your feet open to splashes. Cosy, fluffy bedtime socks often have no seam and are perfect inside a pair of loose trainers or plimsolls as you can adjust them so they don’t rub.

It is Scotland, bring a jacket, check!
Absolutely no tights, leggings, skinny jeans or tight tops, we don’t want seam lines, Check!
Loose trousers preferably work, harem pants or joggers, Check!
No pump shoes, flip flops or boots. Trainers loosened with fluffy pyjamas socks are best! Got it, check!

Please refrain from any sunbathing for at least 24 hours

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